Book Proposal Consultation

An acquisition editor from B&H Publishing Group said that when reading a new book proposal, an editor’s first inclination  isn’t to consider saying “No.” His first answer to your proposal is “No.” Your responsibility as a writer is to craft a book proposal that gives the editor an overwhelming reason to say “Yes!”

So how can a new author get his proposal to the top of the pile, in serious consideration for publication?

A traditional publisher will invest more than $40,000.00 into a new book project before the first book hits the retail store shelves. The expenses arise from editing, graphic design, marketing, sales, proofreading, printing, etc. So when considering your proposed book, the publisher carries a tremendous responsibility. Will their investment in your work  be well spent and profitable? In addition, publishers must consider competition from new media information sources, including e-books, self-publishing, and e-book readers. As a result, authors face stiff headwinds when they approach a traditional publisher with a book proposal.

In order to get out of the slush pile and onto the editor’s desk, your book proposal must answer three key questions. The acquisition editor, or his / her assistant, will invest two minutes reading your cover letter and the first pages of your proposal. In that short window, you must hook them, arouse their interest, and answer these three questions that are on their minds.

  1. What is your book about? What is the message and take-away for the reader?

  2. Who is your target market and competition?

  3. Who are you, and why are you the perfect writer to pen this book?

Timothy Burns knows what a publisher is looking for. As president of Word Weavers of West Michigan writers’ community, he works with members regularly, helping them craft compelling book proposals. His first book, Forged in the Fire – Shaped by the Master, was picked up by Hensley Publishers after their editors read his concise, compelling proposal.

If you are ready to construct a perfect book proposal, contact Timothy Burns today. Tim will apply his expertise and work with you to craft a winning book proposal. If you are drafting a proposal, Timothy’s consultation can be the difference between landing an offer and landing in the slush pile. Together you will go through your proposal section by section and make sure you’re answering the three important questions.

Choose from one of these three book proposal packages:

  1. Book proposal review and recommendations:
    For authors who have a proposal and are ready to submit it to target publishers. Your proposal is read thoroughly, and you receive written suggestions on how to improve / tighten / restructure your existing proposal.
  2. Book proposal and first-three-chapter review:
    For authors who need to craft a compelling proposal, but have started the process. Publishers don’t want your entire book. They want a concise, thorough proposal and the first three chapters of your work. With this package, your proposal receives a critical review, along with the first three chapters of your book. You receive written suggestions on the proposal and a written structural and content review of your work.
  3. Book proposal composition:
    For writers who need hands-on assistance with the entire proposal process. Work with Mr. Burns one-on-one to draft a compelling proposal that answers the three critical questions. You will be guided through the process step by step, receive a free copy of his annotated book proposal report, Building Book Proposals that Sell Books. Mr. Burns will also help you craft your thirty-second elevator speech, edit and review your first three chapters, and give you a final written review of the strengths and selling points of your book for future marketing.


If you are working on a book proposal or searching for your first publisher, contact Tim Burns today to arrange a consultation.