Talks & Topics

Words for Writers: A frequent speaker and faculty member at writers’ conferences, Tim Burns uses these talks to encourage, inspire, and give writers practical tools to make them successful as they pursue their writing goals.

The Web for Writers: Drawn from twenty years of internet marketing, this session teaches writers how to pursue a their goals and build an integrated, social media PR machine with web-based tools.

Finding Your Writer’s Voice:

Avid readers don’t expect to purchase the latest Stephen King novel and read a heart-rending romance. Writers are known for their work, and every writer must find his or her own voice. This session uses examples from three classic writers’ lives, along with Peter the Apostle to help writers find confidence in their brand identity that rises from their own passion, perspective, and perseverance.

Proposals and Queries Editors Want to Read:
An editor’s first response to your book proposal is, “No.” Writers must answer three key questions that give the editor the reason to say, “Yes.” Query letters have to answer the same questions, or the editor will likely hit the “Delete” key. Writers become published authors by answering these three key questions.

Book Proposal Studio:
A book proposal has five to six pages to get an editor’s attention, and an elevator speech uses sixty to ninety seconds to accomplish the same task in person. Developed by Tim for the Marantha Christian Writers’ Conference, this extended, advanced session helps writers distill the details, passion, and message of their latest manuscript into a message that will capture an editor’s attention. Participants must have a book length manuscript and be ready to write a book proposal. Writers leave the session with a professionally produced proposal, ready to submit to editors at your conference.

 A Writer’s Platform 101 and 102: How to use social media to build your platform.

101: Social networking today is no different than the world our parents experienced. The digital tools we use have simply changed the process we use to establish and build relationships. Built on an overview of four social media platforms, this workshop teaches writers and business owners how to leverage their time without suffering information overload and create a promotion machine.

102: This is a hands-on workshop, applying the information from Session 101. Participants will build an integrated online platform, post their first blog articles, tweets, and watch as their content propagates across the Net. Session 101 presents basic tools. This session continues with advanced, integrated tools, and gives writers practical experience and a tool box to manage their social media presence.

Writing Groups – Essential Christian Community

Writing is an individual sport, but even gymnasts compete on a team. In a writing group, future and growing authors find the inspiration, encouragement, and accountability to stay faithful with their gifts and pursue their passions. From experience leading Word Weavers of West Michigan, this session outlines the Three “C’s” of Writers Groups and is filled with testimonies of the benefits of local community of writers.

Transformation: Talk topics that encourage Christ-centered living and intentional discipleship

God’s Pattern for Releasing Influence:

A seed is planted and gestates before the plant ever climbs out of the soil. God follows a similar pattern when releasing you into a position of influence. Leaders are tested before they are released.

Where Is God When It Hurts?
No other experience can derail a faith-filled life like suffering under a silent sky. Tim shares from deep personal experiences how to find God’s presence in desert places.

It Pleased the Lord to Crush Him”
The Prophet Isaiah wrote these words about God the Father’s will for his only, beloved Son Jesus. This session explores  God’s purpose in suffering and opens the door to a deeper understanding of God’s toward you when life is hard to understand.

In the Huddle:
Contrasted to a “Me First, Do it My Way” world, listeners will connect the dots between God’s transformational purposes and his model of discipleship through intentional community.

It’s Me, Not You:
Personality styles, birth order, and love languages influence your communication habits and skills. By understanding your personality you will be equipped to improve your most important relationships.

If Prayer Is a Conversation with God, Why Am I Doing All the Talking?
This series of talks comes from Tim’s experience building a church-wide prayer ministry at Kentwood Community Church, MI. Prayer is more than a laundry list of requests, prayer is meant to move us toward God so that He can move in the world through us.

Forged in the Fire Series: These three talks are based on the three sections of Mr. Burn’s first book, Forged in the Fire – Shaped by the Master

Your Character Has to Catch up to Your Calling:
Contrasted to our instant world, listeners will see how God transformed King David through an intentional process. The takeaway from this session – God wants to prepare you before releasing you into a position of influence.

God’s Promises and Our Faithfulness:
God gave a promise to Joseph as a child that was fulfilled over thirty years later. Joseph’s legacy was created by what happened in the gap, the years between the promise and its manifestation. The takeaway from this session – our faithfulness plays a part in whether or not God’s purposes will ever become reality.

The World Will Never Know:
King Saul, King Hezekiah, Lot and Samson started well, but barely stumbled across the finish line. This series focuses on personal devotion and how to measure the spiritual temperature in your own heart. The takeaway from this session – we must let God deal with our internal motives and character as we walk with him and if we want to see his power in and through our lives.