Timothy Burns Writer Mentor Conference SpeakerI write and speak to inspire writers, transform lives and influence national culture toward a biblical worldview and conservative values. My works are socially conservative, culturally relevant and well researched from a biblical world view.  As a self employed Christian writer and speaker, I “tent-make” by providing online social media marketing consulting and marketing services for authors, artists and publishers through my brand Visible Platforms.  I manage social media promotion  partner with numerous publishers, authors and web designers to provide social media marketing for their clients. I am a national member of Word Weavers, Intl.

Locally, In 2012 I started teaching freshmen level English at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI. I am the contributing editor for the West Michigan Christian News, and manage their pool of writers to tell God’s story locally and draw attention to Kingdom efforts of everyday, average Christ-followers. I believe that every Christian has spiritual and leadership gifts, and that as we use our gifts in formal and lay ministry settings that the Body of Christ matures, and we demonstrate a more complete example of God to the world around us. (see Eph 4.11-16)

I am the author of Forged in the Fire – Shaped by the Master and a contributor to five other nationally published books in the Christian market. My most recent contributions are included in Shelly Beach’s Grief Devotional Bible, available Fall 2013 from Zondervan Publishers. Click here for a more formal resume.