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Liberty and Freedom - A Patriot's Primer by Timothy BurnsLIBERTY & FREEDOM – A Patriot’s Primer

In 2010, a political firestorm erupted between increasingly polarized political camps. With the election of President Obama, many Americans believe that our liberties are being consumed by a financially ravenous, increasingly unconstitutional federal government.

Liberty and Freedom: A Patriot’s Primer is written as a tool for the Tea Party movement and average citizens who have avoided political issues who believe that a limited, smaller federal government is the best means to promote and protect personal liberty and a prosperous nation. If patriots, conservatives, and everyday citizens are to reclaim our national voice and influence over the direction of our country, we must understand the U.S. Constitution and the principles on which it was founded.

21st century citizens must also understand the values, priorities, and goals of the political left, whether they are labeled Democrats, Progressives, or Socialists. The political left has an agenda which is in full display and leads away from the path which helped America build a successful, prosperous national culture that benefits all her citizens, not just those at the top. If a conservative political response is to gain traction, we must reclaim our voice, understand the political left, and work to rebuild our liberties which have been undermined by a growing federal government for decades.

The founding fathers’ beliefs that our national liberties are based on rights given to every man by our Creator are at the core of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. So while many in the political arena separate Church and State, Liberty & Freedom approaches this debate openly and apologetically recognizing that the personal liberty is based on our relationship to the Living God and our willingness to integrate personal faith into every area of life.  The intent of our founding fathers was that Political and religious power should never be mixed.  But since 1963  we’ve attempted to build a wall around the public square and keep personal religious faith at bay.

Liberty & Freedom is a modern patriot’s primer to understand the intent of the U.S. Constitution, its connection to personal religious faith, and the political left. After comparing the incompatible conservative and liberal political theories and goals, Liberty & Freedom presents five specific strategies to turn a citizen-led Tea Party movement into a sustainable, national, political force.