Faith in Tension: Worshipping the World

Posted By Timothy Burns on Apr 27, 2014 |

I wrote a couple of posts last year on Beyonce’s appearance in the 2013 Super Bowl Half Time Show. A few bloggers were upset over some kind of symbolic gesture she made that is connected to Satan Worship.I have to admit, the posts I read rambled and wondered, trying to connect threads into a coherant idea that the most popular singer on the planet had connections to a Satanic church and rituals.

I don’t want to pick on other Christian writers, because you don’t have to look far in the Pop Princess’ own words to find Beyonce giving honor to a spirit that takes control of her when she worships – errr – sings on stage. Her album “I am Sasha Fierce” is her declaration of praise to an alternate identity, a force, a power that fills her when she take the stage. See my post from May, 2013 for details.

Here’s an update. Posted on The News Nerd  over the weekend, a Beyonce worshipper has apparently committed suicide, and left a note that she was sacraficing herself to the Pop Princess at the req. of the Church of Bey, a church set up to worship the princess.

Here’s my point – As Christians why do we participate with spirits who serve another God? Why do we worship (adore, follow, spend money and time and emotional energy on) music, musicians that serve other Gods? Jesus said that his followers should “love not the world, neither the things of the world.” (John 15)

  • What does it mean to you – Love not the world?
  • How should Jesus words and the early church’s lifestyle affect you, my and the church in 2014?
  • I would love to here from you.


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