Faith in Tension – In Beyonce’s Own Words

Posted By Timothy Burns on May 17, 2013 | 1 comment

A couple days ago, I started this Faith in Tension series with a look at a controversy started by Beyonce at her 2013 Super Bowl performance. Let’s go to the source. Here is a video of Beyonce in recent interviews. The first few minutes are full of the circumstantial, circular reasoning I’ve been trying to highlight. If you’re pressed for time, or insulted by wild accusations, jump to 5:30 in the video.

 Is it a conspiracy?

The truth doesn’t need to hide behind “luciferin connections” and “layered meanings.” In her own words, Beyonce performs under the power of spirits that possess her, inspire her, control her, and empower her. Like the woman who followed Paul and Silas through the streets of Philippi, and could  tell the future because of the demons controlled part of her life, Beyonce earns great income because she serves the spirit of this world, and bows in his kingdom. She serves the world’s spiritual power.

Why should Christ-followers be surprised? Why do we settle for half-truths and conjecture about conspiracies when the truth is in front of us? Success in the world, including power, influence and authority that flaunt itself against a godly, Christ-centered character and life all has one source. People don’t need to meet in dark basements, cut their fingers and sign an oath in blood. Without Christ, the world around us serves the kingdom that is opposed to Life, opposed to Love, and opposed to God.

The question I don’t have an answer to is this. Why do Christ-followers worship at the world’s shrines, admire their temples, give our time, money, and desire to those who are openly opposed to our God? What do you think? Is it time we become more black and white dealing with the conflict between God’s kingdom and the kingdom of the world?

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