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To know God and make Him known.

Too often, I complain that change is hard. I don’t like to have control wrested from my hands and then feel herded into a new paradigm. Yet Lee Iaccoca wouldn’t have converted outdated, dying American Motors and Chrysler Corporations into the profitable Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler companies at the end of the 20th century without catalyzing transformation. Laptops and cell phones wouldn’t exist, and we would still wait in lines for “computer time” on bulky mainframe computers. Visionaries are those who refuse to settle on today in favor of a better tomorrow.

Transformation is the stuff of life, the fuel for cultural vibrancy, the path to personal renewal, and the creative spark in every writer’s heart. Transformation is non-negotiable for Christ-followers. It transcends definition and is hard to track, but you know when it happens, and the proof stands before you.