Writer Mentoring

Writing is an individual sport. Successful writers have learned that at the end of the day, what matters is sitting in front of your computer screen, putting words on paper. Writing is a career designed for those who enjoy solitude. Yet in a group, we  find the requisite support to stay focused, inspired, and excited about our craft.

Whether you write to get published or for personal reasons, nothing will build a foundation for your writing career more than an encouraging critique group.

“Tim Burns is one of the best organizers of writers in the Midwest.”

Tim Beals, Publisher @ Credo Communications
Breathe Christian Writers’ Conference, 2011

In the Fall of 2008, I founded a critique group in West Michigan. I wanted to bring the encouragement and excitement of a writers’ conference back home to the daily writing journey. The group has since grown into Word Weavers West Michigan. We meet in multiple locations across West Michigan and are part of the nationwide Word Weavers International. With close to fifty members, the groups meet twice each month and provide encouragement, accountability, education, inspiration, and support for current and aspiring Christian writers and speakers. We are committed to train writers through:

  • Courses: Self-paced webinars, social media seminars, and personal help with web design and online platforms.
  • Conferences: Your growth as a writer will expand exponentially by regularly attending writers’ conferences.
  • Critiques: The heart of a writer’s growth comes from putting words on paper and receiving positive, constructive feedback.
  • Community: Writing is an individual sport, but we compete better when we are part of a team.

Word Weavers critique meetings host ten to twelve people, and the large group welcomes thirty-five or more. Each meeting lasts two hours. We are always open to newcomers and meet in quiet locations across West Michigan so members can relax at the end of a long day. For scheduling information and the location of a group near you, visit Word Weavers West Michigan.

Expanding Influence

As of September 2012, I stepped into the role of regional mentor for Word Weavers, Intl. If you have five or more writers in your area and want to build a solid writing community, let’s talk. If you think you are alone and want to build a dynamic group, give me a call. Word Weavers doesn’t micro-manage our critique groups. It’s your group. From our fifteen years experience, we’ve learned how to grow writers and build a safe and encouraging greenhouse environment that fosters writers’ talents. As a Word Weavers group, your writers will also have access to:

  • Exclusive benefits
  • Private retreats
  • Webinars
  • Expertise of nationally known writers and conference faculty

If you are a writer looking to start a writing critique group, contact me today. I will help you build an exciting, vibrant writers’ group. If you’re a writer looking to take your writing passions to the next level, Word Weavers writing and critique groups will help you build a personal on-ramp to online, self and traditional publishing success.