Living as Christian in a Post-Modern World

Posted By Timothy Burns on Oct 30, 2014 |

During the past few decades, religious thought and public discussions about how personal faith influences public life have been relegated to the kids table. When the “grown-ups” in the room discuss ‘more important adult’ issues, including politics, education, ethics in leadership and social building blocks, those who want to influence our culture do not want to be troubled with the ideas of immutable, unchanging, or inconvenient truth.  

I believe, as have many great leaders throughout history, that: [Tweet “leadership descends from character, and character is anchored to personal beliefs.”] What  you and I believe is infinitely important to public life and the cultural influence we possess.

If I believe that I am the center of my universe, accountable only to myself, then my decisions will reflect these values. I will work for my best interests, regardless of how I affect others who can have no direct impact on my lifestyle. If I believe that I am ultimately accountable to my Creator, the Living God, then my decisions and priorities will find an unshakable foundation on principles outside of myself that are designed to benefit all men and women, rather then the shifting sands of postmodern relativism and political correctness.

My writing comes from this Theo-centric worldview. I don’t believe that faith-filled discussions are fit only for the immature and mentally infirm.  Great accomplishments have come from those who unashamedly merged their personal faith with public life. At the same time, those opposed to faith have carved wide swaths of cultural and tribal destruction across the globe. Even though religion is sometimes used as the justification for conflict, I contend that religion as a means to power is an abuse, a significant departure from the intent of intentional, faith filled living.

Therefore, as a communicator, a Christian, and an involved citizen, My writing is:

  • Culturally Relevant,
  • Carefully Researched,
  • Intellectually Honest,
  • Socially Conservative,
  • and from a Biblical Worldview
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