Five Struggles all Christians Face

Posted By Timothy Burns on May 8, 2012 |

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Christians today face many challenges. Some of these challenges have been around as long as Christianity has been. Others are new or worsened by society’s growing apathy towards organized religion and by technological advances that bring images and thoughts that assault our beliefs into our daily lives. The following are five of the worst challenges Christians most face each day.

Questioning One’s Faith

From the beginning days of Christianity, there have been doubters. One of the first examples, of course, was the disciple Thomas, who did not believe that Christ had been resurrected. He told the other disciples that he had to see and touch the wounds of Christ himself before he believed that he had truly risen.

Like doubting Thomas, at one time or another, most Christians question their faith. It might occur during a time when nothing seems to be going right or during a terrible tragedy. It is then when Christians often ask God — like Job and even Jesus did — why did He forsake them?

The truth is Jesus Christ never promised Christians that life would be easy. In fact, he said it would often be hard. But Jesus promised that he would be with His believers during these difficult times. Like the famous poem, “Footsteps” says, Christians do not see Jesus’ footprints walking alongside of them during these times of trouble because he is actually carrying them.

Being a Living Example

It is easy for a person to say that they are a Christian. But it is much harder to live like one, especially in today’s society where bad behavior often goes un-penalized and is even sometimes rewarded. Although, God does not expect Christians to be perfect — because as humans, they cannot be — He does desire for them to be a living example of Christ.

Living in a Less Christian Nation

According to a survey done by CNN, fewer people today call themselves Christians than they did 20 years ago. The study, which was conducted in 2009, revealed that about 75 percent of Americans considered themselves Christians. That number was 86 percent in 1990.

As the nation has become less Christian, the pressure to be a Christian has lessened and so people have started to stray from the church. This is especially true of the younger generation who are seeing less of their peers attending church and so wonder why it is okay for them to be non-religious and possibly even non spiritual. As the nation becomes increasingly less spiritual, more people seem to be falling away from the Church.

Sharing Faith Without Becoming “Scary”

Christians want to share their faith, but many are not sure how to do so without making people want to run away. Too many times in the past, Christians forced their views on others in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it still happens today. One of the worst examples of this is the Westboro Baptist Church, which attends funerals, holding up signs that are horribly offensive and gives all Christians a bad name.

While most Christians know that the Westboro Baptist Church members do not represent their faith and beliefs, many non-believers do not.

Not Being Judgmental

It is hard sometimes for Christians not to look down their nose at or avoid those they consider sinners. But Jesus did not walk away or shun sinners. Instead, he spent time with those who lived on the fringe, teaching them about his beliefs.

Christians have to understand that God does not want them to spend time only with fellow believers. He wants them to go out and be a living example of His word and show non-believers the gifts God can bring into their lives.

And Finally

While Christians face many challenges today to their faith, God has promised to be with them during their struggles. Christians never have to feel alone in these times, as long as their faith in God remains strong.

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