From David to Tozer, God’s Word is the Foundation

Posted By Timothy Burns on May 7, 2013 | 1 comment

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the bible, and every verse extols the power, stability, enduring nature and endless authority of God’s word. God’s word is a lamp, by it we avoid sin, it teaches us wisdom, and sets our feet on a straight path. All of these truths are found in Ps 119. If you haven’t read this song lately, I encourage you to build your faith by reading King David’s trust, reliance and dependence on God’s word.

This weekend, I was reading some words from A.W. Tozer. A preacher in the middle of 20th century America. Tozer’s faith and ministry was founded on the same anchor – God’s Word. In an article on the power and surety of God’s word, Tozer said:

In natural matters, faith follows evidence, and is impossible without it, but in the realm of the spirit, faith precedes understanding; it does not follow it. The natural man musts know in order to believe; the spiritual man must believe in order to know. The faith that saves is not a conclusion drawn from evidence; it is a moral thing, a thing of the spirit, a supernatural infusion of confidence in Jesus Christ, a very Gift of God. (The Best of A.W. Tozer, Book One, W. Wiersbe, 2007, pg 168.)

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We will never be convinced that God is who he says He is, and that his Word is  unchanging truth, breathed from his mouth – without faith. Science is finding evidence of God’s truth; now and then psychology stumbles on the truth of God’s word by studying fallen men and women. These facts will take you to the edge of faith, but the final step is away from what you know, and what you are sure of, into the unknown, believing that God is there.

I invite you to take that last step. God will not disapoint you.




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