Are You Getting to the Plate?

Posted By Timothy Burns on Oct 23, 2014 |

I was talking with a friend this week, and he reminded me of the importance of making incremental, steady progress toward my writing goals. He used a baseball metaphor, and talked about getting up to the plate, and hitting singles, doubles, and triples on a regular basis. He said that when I get up to bat, and learn the basics of the game, every now and then the right pitch will hang out over the plate, and I’ll have an opportunity to blast it out of the park.

“You won’t hit a home run every time.” he reminded me. Even the best players have a batting average of hitting a run in only 25% of the time. Babe Ruth’s batting lifetime average was only .342; he connected only 1 time out of 3 at bats.

I have to confess that too often I stay in the dugout, waiting for opportunities to hit the game winning homer. I don’t always take advantage of the little opportunities. As I learn more about the writing lifestyle and publishing business, I’m learning that this perspective is a sure way to miss what God has planned. I have to remember that Jesus said when I am faithful with small things, God will give me more. (See Matt 25).

So as you are taking a breath from the hectic pace of life this Thanksgiving weekend, Can I ask: “Are you getting to the plate? Are you learning the basics, and overcoming smaller challenges of the writing business?”

That hanging curve ball is coming. Will you be ready?


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