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Detailed One-Sheet Promo Brochure for Event Planning

Timothy Burns Author Speaker Writer Mentor with Word WeaversNow booking for the upcoming season, contact Timothy for your next event for writers. As an inspirational speaker, Timothy brings to your retreat or conference a fresh look at traditional publishing with a genuine passion for connecting your message to 21st Century living.

For writers, Timothy’s experience launching the active and successful Word Weavers of West Michigan writers’ group demonstrates his passion for the craft and mastery mentoring writers. Starting with just 3 members in 2009, Word Weavers now serves and trains over 40 writers across West Michigan.

The Word Weaver writers are publishing books, writing for magazines, and mastering social media. This year Word Weavers of West Michigan is holding their first writing retreat. (Find out more about Word Weavers here.) Timothy is a frequent speaker at the West Michigan Breathe Writers’ Conference and the Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference.

Download Timothy’s promotional sheet by clicking the links below. These full color brochures are designed to give to your planning committees and to promote an upcoming event at your church or venue.

Brochure Side 1 Brochure Side 2

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