SMO Periodic Table And App Map Help You Organize Your Social Media Campaign

Posted By Timothy Burns on Apr 3, 2012 |

Social Media Optimization Map InfographicIf you rely on social media to market your website or blog, it is important to know which websites and tools to use to increase your following and connect with your followers. The SMO Periodic Table places the most useful SMO applications on a convenient table to help you see at a glance the benefits each website offers. The included App Map groups various social media apps by their use.

Both tools are conveniently located on a single printout with legends for each tool. You may not be familiar with every tool listed, so it will give you ideas on web-tools or apps to try. Most apps are made for Twitter, but some will also work with other social media websites. A few apps are no-longer available, but are included to show which tools have taken their place.

SMO Periodic Table

The SMO Periodic Table progresses from left to right with apps on the left helping you gain credibility, and apps on the right help you gain followers. It’s important to remember that both are important aspects of your social media advertising.

These tools help you research how you broadcast your message to listeners, whom are your target audience. These are the people who will visit your website and, hopefully, buy products from you.

The middle rows are Publishing Tools, which help you target posts to get the most return on each message.

At the bottom are Broadcasting Tools. These apps help you cull your followers to get a more accurate follower count. Use these sparingly, especially if you are new to Twitter.

App Map

The App Map groups like applications together. Most likely, you won’t have time to use every single application listed on the SMO Periodic Table, but this will help you choose the apps that will have the most benefit for your website. Apps are grouped together by theme, and a legend at the bottom explains how the apps are similar. Some apps belong to two or more categories, so these apps offer multiple benefits for users.

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