Web Copy Writing

My Business Is Telling Your Story

Timothy Burns provides content for some of the largest information portals on the web, including eHow.com. With nearly 1,000 articles on the web, Timothy knows how to capture your informational needs and corporate culture in concise, intelligent copy.

Readers want to know more than facts. The culture of your organization sets you apart from your competition. In an increasingly segmented marketplace, businesses, ministries, and individuals who clearly identify their strengths position themselves for improved marketability and brand identity.

When you review your company website, ask these five questions:

  1. Has the information on your website changed in the last six to nine months?
  2. Is your website current with your industry trends?
  3. Is your website integrated with social media?
  4. Is your website interactive and connected to your organization’s staff?
  5. Does your website reflect your company’s, organization’s, or ministry’s current focus, strengths, and brand identity?

If you answered “Yes” to four or more questions, you’re in the zone. You have a great website. If you answered “No” to more than two of the questions, you need a website review, and may need an integrated website upgrade. Social media and the instant connectedness of digital life has changed your customers’ expectations. They expect instant, in-depth, personal, and relevant access. These marketplace expectations are your opportunity to build your brand identity. If you meet the expectations of your clients, customers, and stakeholders, you reinforce your value and position yourself for stable, consistent growth.

Web Content Client Sites

Mr. Burns writes content for some of the premier web designers in the Midwest, because  a great website requires superior content and design. While the two flow seemlessly in the finished project, the skill sets for writing copy are significantly different than those needed for graphics, navigation, and web server administration. In addition, most business owners struggle to create compelling content about their own enterprises.

Below are links to some of our recent web content projects.  If you want web content that pops, contact Tim today.